About Us

Mastering Behaviour

As a teacher myself, I understand the pressure you face every day.

Finding the time to lead, teach, counsel, provide feedback, parents, students…there is so much going on!

Juggling many expectations; providing every student with supportive, engaging, individualised curriculum, fulfilling national curriculum requirements, improving academic outcomes…all whilst building relationships, managing behaviour and looking after the students’ social and emotional needs can be exhausting.

Mastering Behaviour’s aim is to;

  • Take the pressure off you.

We provide ready-made, engaging positive education, wellbeing, values and behaviour management resources.

  • Give students tools to regulate their own behaviour.

The resources help students learn to make better choices, to understand and manage their own emotions and wellbeing.

Our resource collection contains a wide selection of activities (supported by video). They teach students about making and keeping friends, character, conflict, social media, drugs, bullying, cyber safety, resilience… They are ideal for health, wellbeing and care lessons.

With so many resources, there is plenty for you to use across several year levels that are bound to compliment the great teaching that is already happening in your school.

  • As a bonus, students on detention or suspension can be given constructive, restorative resources within 5 minutes!

Quick to download, data project or print, the hard work is done.

Let us reduce your workload and help your teachers and students. To see samples, you can click onto the different programs within this website or contact me directly.

I’m Robert and my phone number is 042 7750 425.

  1. Subscription is for a calendar year. (Jan 1-Dec 31). Updated resources will be supplied to coincide with the start of term 1.
  2. Subscription renewal notices will be issued during term 4. This will enable the necessary purchase order / payment to confirm the renewal. Once renewal is confirmed, updated resources will be processed and sent to the school.
  3. If you wish to commence a subscription during the school year; contact Robert (042 7750 425) for cost.
  4. The subscription is for use in the school that purchases the subscription only (current staff, parents, students). No other use is permitted. Staff who leave the school must not take the resources to another school.
  5. The resources are not to be used or distributed (electronically stored, copied /emailed, photographed, paper copied or by any other means) to anyone outside of the school community. To do so will breach copyright.
  6. If a school subscription is not renewed, no further use of the resources within the school is permitted. Once the subscription has expired, the resources must be withdrawn.
  7. Acknowledgment of authorship. The resources belong to JAQ Enterprises/Mastering Behaviour. The author, subscription year and terms of use are in the document footer and must remain on the page.